The first records of Sticta andina and S. scabrosa subsp. scabrosa from Bolivia are presented. All records are confirmed by molecular data. Sticta andina has flattened, marginal isidia and phyllidia with abundant, submarginal apothecia, while tomentum is dark brown to black, whereas, S. scabrosa subsp. scabrosa has marginal and laminal phyllidia and pale to dark, grey tomentum. Two Bolivian specimens of the latter possess sparse, marginal to laminal apothecia, which previously have not been observed in this species. The haplotype network indicates that the S. andina specimens from Bolivia have three haplotypes, two of which are different from those previously reported. In the case of S. scabrosa subsp. scabrosa, two haplotypes were found, of which one is newly reported. A distribution map of Sticta species confirmed for Bolivia is presented.
The research was supported by the Synthesys+ program (DE-TAF-8180) and University of Gdańsk, granted to EO.
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Persoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi
Additional new species and new records of the genus Sticta (lichenised Ascomycota, lobarioid Peltigeraceae) from Bolivia
Emilia Anna Ossowska, Bibiana Moncada, Robert Lücking, Adam Flakus, Pamela Rodriguez-Flakus, Sandra Olszewska, Martin Kukwa
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