The lichenicolous fungi growing on Graphidales hosts in Florida are revised, mainly based on collections by the second author (R. C.). Twenty-one species are recognized. The new genus and species Lawreya glyphidiphila is described for a common asexual fungus growing on Glyphis scyphulifera and more rarely Trypethelium eluteriae, characterized by black stromatic conidiomata in which subspherical conidiogenous loculi develop, producing aseptate, subglobose, brown conidia. Nine additional new species are described: Amerosporiopsis phaeographidis (on Phaeographis brasiliensis), Arthonia acanthotheciicola (on Acanthothecis floridensis), A. subgraphidicola (on Graphis assimilis), Hemigrapha graphidicola (on G. assimilis), Skyttea graphidicola (on Graphis spp.), Strigula graphidicola (on G. assimilis), S. perparvula (on Graphidales), Talpapellis graphidis (on Graphis caesiella) and Tremella wedinii (on Glyphis scyphulifera). Phylogenetic placements of Lawreya glyphidiphila, Skyttea graphidicola and Tremella wedinii are presented. Identification keys are given for the species of Cornutispora and Talpapellis, and for the 66 species known to grow on Graphidales hosts worldwide.
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How to publish a new fungal species, or name, version 3.0
M. Aime, Andrew Miller, Takayuki Aoki, Konstanze Bensch, Lei Cai, Pedro Crous, David Hawksworth, Kevin Hyde, Paul Kirk, Robert Lücking, Tom May, Elaine Malosso, Scott Redhead, Amy Rossman, Marc Stadler, Marco Thines, Andrey Yurkov, Ning Zhang, Conrad Schoch
IMA Fungus
Contributions to the knowledge of lichenicolous fungi growing on baeomycetoid lichens and Icmadophila, with a key to the species
Mikhail Zhurbenko, Yoshihito Ohmura
The Lichenologist
Lichenicolous fungi from Vietnam, with the description of four new species
Mikhail Zhurbenko, Paul Diederich, Ludmila Gagarina
Crittendenia gen. nov., a new lichenicolous lineage in the Agaricostilbomycetes (Pucciniomycotina), and a review of the biology, phylogeny and classification of lichenicolous heterobasidiomycetes
Ana Millanes, Paul Diederich, Martin Westberg, Mats Wedin
The Lichenologist
The yeast lichenosphere: High diversity of basidiomycetes from the lichens Tephromela atra and Rhizoplaca melanophthalma
Agnese Cometto, Steven Leavitt, Ana Millanes, Mats Wedin, Martin Grube, Lucia Muggia
Fungal Biology
Contributions to the knowledge of lichenicolous fungi growing on Pannariaceae, including four new species and an identification key
Mikhail Zhurbenko
Two new species of lichenicolous Arthonia (Arthoniaceae) from southeastern North America highlight the need for comparative studies of lichen parasites and their hosts
Jason P. Hollinger, Perry A. Scott, James C. Lendemer
The Bryologist
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