The new species Ikaeria serusiauxii (Teloschistaceae, lichenized Ascomycetes) is described from the Madeira Archipelago, Canary Islands and continental Portugal. It is a crustose lichen on twigs and branches of trees and shrubs in xerophytic maritime vegetation. Superficially it is similar to Caloplaca cerina and C. haematites, from which it differs by the often black apothecium margin, very thick spore septa, black pycnidium ostioles, and the presence of the pigment Cinereorufa-green instead of Sedifolia-grey. ITS sequences suggest Ikaeria aurantiellina (syn. Caloplaca aegatica) as the closest relative. Added is a preliminary lichen checklist for Porto Santo (Madeira Archipelago, Macaronesia).
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Líquenes do Porto Santo By J Campinho. 2021. Published by Imprensa Academia, Porto Santo, Madeira, Portugal. Pp. 150. 150 × 200 × 10 mm. ISBN 978-989-9062-07-8. Soft cover. €16.65. [In Portuguese]
André Aptroot
The Lichenologist
Three new species of Lobothallia (Megasporaceae, Pertusariales, Ascomycota) from Pakistan and a new combination in the genus
Rizwana Zulfiqar, Fatima Razzaq, Najam-ul-Sehar Afshan, Iram Fayyaz, Kamran Habib, Abdul Khalid, Alexander Paukov
Mycological Progress
New Records of Saxicolous Lichens from Pakistan
Zulfiqar Rizwana, Asma Ashraf, Shabnum Hayat, Shahzadi Fatima, Arooj Naseer, Abdul Khalid
Biology Bulletin
Rediscovery of Five Rinodina Species Originally Described from Southwest China and One New Species
Qiuyi Zhong, Min Ai, Fiona Worthy, Ancheng Yin, Yi Jiang, Lisong Wang, Xinyu Wang
A new species of Lobothallia (Megasporaceae, Pertusariales, Ascomycota) from Pakistan
Rizwana Zulfiqar, Fatima Razzaq, Muhammad Shahid Iqbal, Abdul Nasir Khalid
Plant Systematics and Evolution
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