The following tropical microlichen species are described new to science: Acanthotrema sorediatum from Brazil, Coenogonium megasporum from Papua New Guinea, Glaucotrema inspersum from Brazil, Glaucotrema negativum from Brazil, Micarea resinoides from Papua New Guinea, Micarea viridibotryoides from Papua New Guinea, Myriotrema defectofrondosum from Brazil, Ocellularia suprafricana from Brazil, Ocellularia uniseptatoides from Brazil, and Piccolia perithecioidea from Argentina. Some other species are reported new to Argentina, Brazil or one of more of its states, Ecuador, Madagascar and/ or Papua New Guinea.
This study was financed in part by the Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior – Brasil (CAPES) – Finance Code 001 who provided a visiting professorship to the first author. The Stichting Hugo de Vries Fonds kindly gave grants for some of this fieldwork. The authors thank Conselho Nacional de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento (CNPQ) for financially supporting this work with a research grant to MESC (307569/2019-5) and for financial support in the Universal project (Processo: 437097/2018-8).
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