We describe 14 new lichen species in the family Graphidaceae, mainly from the Amazon basin: Acanthothecis aggregata, Allographa ancelina, A. apicalinspersa, Chapsa constrictospora, C. diorygmoides, C. lichexanthonica, Clandestinotrema caloplacosporum, Diorygma defectoisidiatum, D. gyrosum, D. lichexanthonicum, D. norsubmuriforme, D. salxanthonicum, D. toensbergianum, and Ocellularia flavoradiata. For each species, it is indicated where and how it would key out in a recent identification key. Two of the Diorygma species are sterile and were assigned to this genus by sequencing the mtSSU gene. Five additional species are new to Brazil and 27 others, including some Gomphillaceae, are new state records.
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New Species, Records and Combinations of Graphidaceae (Lichenized Fungi) from Brazil
André Aptroot, Robert Lücking, Marcela Eugenia da Silva Cáceres
The Bryologist
Diorygma tiantaiense sp. nov. and a Checklist and Key to Diorygma Species from China
Can Cui, Yujie Li, Jiahui Xu, Xin Zhao, Zefeng Jia
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